Friday, 6 February 2015


Study has really showed that ladies are more than guys, we have limited guys to date this ladies and out of the limited guys, we still have cowards who can’t even move closer to a lady to say Hi talk less of exchanging words with her.
I think of using test messages to attract ladies because I fall into the category of the coward guys who cant even approach a lady to ask of her name. Here comes a story I will never forget in my life. I met Susan at a Cinema but due to the handsome face I was putting on, she gave me her number herself because she sat together at the film house and I couldn’t even alter a word to her even when everybody in the cinema was laughing. But to my great surprise, first month went and I cant even think of what to send to her. Here comes Michael who was my class mate in college, I told the whole story to him and he gave me a text to send to her. I tried sending this text and we eventually became husband and wives and we are now happily married with 3kids. I will never forget this text message and I also appreciate Michael for this. To my great surprise, Michael also got this text message from a guide called Magnetic Messaging System which is co-authored by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.
Magnetic MessagingSystem is especially aimed at novices in the dating world, but the techniques given are applicable in many situations. In Magnetic Messaging System, you will see all the techniques and tools you need to relate and communicate with women in a deliberate and confident way.

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