Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How Beneficial is it to ask questions in a relationship?

It is very essential to communicate in a relationship. But come to think of it, during this communication what should the both of you say to each other? Why is it that sometimes we are scared to talk to each other or maybe ask questions? In the aspect of questioning, most of us have questions we want to ask each other so as to know exactly what he or she wants but you do not get the opportunity to ask or sometimes it becomes intimidating to ask whatever you want to know. So you rephrase the question or maybe ask a less threatening question.

Trust me, lack of communication or not saying the right thing is not helpful and will not have a positive impact on your relationship. I will tell you about the experience of a close friend who was in the same situation for years in his relationship and this almost tore them apart. After a while, he discovered a program that totally transformed his relationship. He called it 500 Intimate Questions For Couples by Michael Webb. I later went online to get all the information I can on this program.

500 intimate questions for couples is collection of questions focused on intimacy and sex. According to Michael Webb, communication is the hallmark of any satisfying and great relationship. The intimate matters discussed in this book helps you to have a life-time of sizzling sex. And, asking the right questions at the appropriate time is one of the best ways in understanding your partner perfectly in terms of sex matters. The amazing thing about the questions given in 500 Intimate Questions For Couples is that they are ideal for couples who have never had sex or have been married for a long while.
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