Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Obesity – A Way Out

Obesity is a serious disease that affects more and more children, adolescents and also many adults. Since 1980 Obesity rates among adolescents in the U.S. have tripled and have doubled for children. 15% of children between ages 6-19 are considered overweight and over 60% of adults are considered obese or overweight.

Doctors and healthcare professionals reported that obesity in children and adolescents will cause earlier onset of Type 2 Diabetes and this disease normally an adult-onset disease. And will also result in cardiovascular disease and obesity-related depression in children and adolescents. The longer you are obese, the more relevant obesity-related risk factors will become for you.

I was discussing the issue of obesity with a close friend of mine that was once obese and I asked what her secret was. She told me she made a discovery that she called “A Way Out”. She then further told me about an online program she came across called The Cruise Control Diet by James Ward. She said she was under this diet plan and she could she eat any of her cravings. The diet plan didn’t restrict her at all and in a matter of weeks she has lost a huge amount of pounds.

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