Friday, 6 February 2015


Skipping meals and fasting has been really helpful in shedding weight. Immitent fasting is very helpful in losing some weight. This might not even be a constant thing to do but skipping some meals which you know won’t be of help to your weight.

I read a program on Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pillon which talks about fasting and skipping some meals. The goal of Brad, based on what I found about him, is to help people overcome the common nutrition problems and reaching the world’s nutrition strategies.

Eat Stop Eat program is not a type of strict diet program that works for everyone that tries following the process. People with the difficulty of adhering to this plan strictly can take this course, to get a very quick result. So I am going to go through the pros and cons of the Eat Stop Eat program for you to know if it is the kind of program that can work for you. To read more on this review please click on this link Eat Stop Eat program.

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