Monday, 9 February 2015

I Still Love My Ex

I met Sandra exactly on the 21st day in the month of June year 2010, she was this lady every man would pray to be with for all their life, Sandra loved me so much that even everyone could testify to it, I got carried away with this and instead of me returning back the love I rather neglected her and made out with strange ladies. Anytime she got suspicious I always had a way to cover up not until this day she caught me red handed. She wept and I felt so sad within my spirit, it was then I knew the damage of breaking a lady’s heart. She couldn’t cope with my act anymore so she left, I couldn’t help with her leaving. It was then I knew what love meant, love is to be shown by both parties in a relationship. There’s this saying that says ‘you don’t know the value of something until you lose them’. I couldn’t get her off my head. I loved her more that I tried every possible means to get her back but to no avail.

I told my friend whom I knew could give helpful advices, I thank God I got so lucky, a friends advice really worked for me, while we were dialoguing I explained every of my wrongs, he talked as if I wasn’t going to make an head way. He told me about testing once ex back, I found it attractive hoping it was going to help out, it really did helped out as I got to go through an overview of text your ex back, the friend did show it to me. I must tell you it worked for me as it contained every analysis on how I could get Sandra back. I don’t want to talk much, if you want your ex back and you are ready to put in all it takes to get that ex back, text your ex back gives the best possible chance to show your ex that you want him/her back, it also to create a wonderful relationship together in a happy and joyous mood. To see more click here. 

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