Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Don’t Leave Him…Ask Him!

Are you thinking of leaving your man? Maybe because there is no communication or maybe because you guys don’t ask each other the right questions. Communication is the hallmark of any satisfying and great relationship. If you are talking to him or asking him questions, this might have a negative impact on your relationship. My secretary came to work on this fateful day and she was crying. I asked her what happened and she said she wanted to leave her man that they hardly talk when they are together. Each time she wants to talk, she would find it hard to do so and this has really affected their relationship because they hardly know what the other person wants. All I did was tell her “Sorry, you deserve nothing but the best so don’t settle for less”.

Like 3 months after this, she always comes to work happy. All the task given to her she would do even before I ask. This made me call her again and ask her why she was so happy lately. I said she should start avoiding men like her ex because now that she is no more with him she is at her best. Then she told she was still with him and what totally transformed her relationship was an online program she discovered called 500 Intimate Questions For Couples by Michael Webb. After she told me I went online immediately to see this “Life-Changing” program.

500 intimate questions for couples is structured in a way that it starts with the less direct questions and then gets into direct questions which helps improve the level of intimacy in your relationship. The writer Michael Webb has dedicated many years of his career to studying various areas in relationships. 500 intimate questions for couples is collection of questions focused on intimacy and sex. According to Michael Webb, communication is the hallmark of any satisfying and great relationship. The intimate matters discussed in this book helps you to have a life-time of sizzling sex. And, asking the right questions at the appropriate time is one of the best ways in understanding your partner perfectly in terms of sex matters. The amazing thing about the questions given in 500 Intimate Questions For Couples is that they are ideal for couples who have never had sex or have been married for a long while.
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