Friday, 6 February 2015


Do you ever believe in the power of text messages? Have you tried moving closer to her to express your mind? Only a coward won’t make an attempt to get close to her and also confirm maybe she really need your presence in her life.
I was so fortunate to meet this wonderful girl at the beach on the eve of New Year. We both looked closely at each other and it took hours before I could be able to forget seeing her. To my great surprise, I found out I could get someone who can help me out getting her cell number but am always shy talking to a lady on phone and I have never send text message to a lady in my entire life. Here comes an unknown man claiming he has something unique to give to me. I tried checking the help he was trying to render and I found out that it was just an ordinary text messages. Without any iota of doubt, I tried the first message given to me by my new friend. To my great surprise, I was able to talk with this girl this night and we both spend the New Year together. I tried asking my friend where he got the text from and he told me he has a guide called Magnetic Messaging System by Bob Rio which has helped him get the desired girl he has always tried hunting for.
Magnetic MessagingSystem is a manual created for men looking to attract girls. The guide is one of a series of online self-help program produced to assist men improve their various attraction game. This program turns your phone into a magnet of women. Interestingly, people use text messages daily for business and other purposes, but few people know the full potential of messaging in a dating context

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