Friday, 6 February 2015

I Thought It Was Over

I have a short story that I would like to share with everyone on this forum. The story is basically about my marriage. When I first met my wife everything was so sweet that she was all I wanted to see, talk to or share every of my time with. Some years later, issues started setting in. Conflicts today, fights tomorrow over unnecessary things. Trust me when I say unnecessary I mean it… really unreasonable.

After a couple of months we decided to go our separate ways cause we thought that was the best thing rather than making unnecessary noise all over the house and even in the public. The next day I went to my friend that I need him to help me move my things. He asked me why and I told him I was leaving my wife. He shouted “No!’’ and told me about this online program that he knew of that can change our lives and restore my marriage. Owing to the fact that I love my wife and for the sake of my children I wanted the marriage to still work so I gave it a try. The program is called The Magic Of Making Up by TW Jackson.

The Magic of Making Up program gives step-by-step method to mend your broken relationship. The Magic of Making Up will not only tell you what to do; it will also hold your hand and help you in getting through it. All these may sound weird cause this is just a book after all but trust me it’s the truth. You can’t find any other program in the bookstores or even online that help you in fixing your relationship with your wife or man that is close to T.W. Jackson’s The Magic of Making Up Course. I have used it and I strongly recommend it.

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