Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can fasting really help you shed enough weight?

Have gotten to realize that fasting could really help in shedding some weight. As a muslim, after 29 to 30 days fasting I realize that have lost some weight even without someone telling me. Not quite long I stumbled on a program called Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon which talks about immitent fasting.
Being overweight is so dangerous that one might also be at the risk of risk of getting into the diabetes zone. I made up my mind to stop this and find a way to reduce my weight and also get my health back. I started with some in-depth research. I tried the intermittent fasting message which is a very simple thing to do really. The procedure goes thus: you eat for a couple of hours and then you take a longer break for many hours. This Eat Stop Eat procedure helps to reduce quite a lot of fat if well followed.
This actually felt like a new concept. I did not really know where to begin, how many hours I should fast, what to eat and also the times of the day which is best for the respective fast food. How much to eat and so on. It is a very common thing to hear about the importance of how it is to eat many times a day. I tried to search for a guide on the subject and stumbled on Eat Stop Eat. Luckily I got quite nicely the exact information I needed on this work. It answered all the questions I had in mind, and also made me learn a lot more about the project. click on this link to read more on this review Eat Stop Eat

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